The Columbia Pulp Story

Back in 2014, Columbia Pulp had a vision to change the Pacific Northwest wheat market. For decades traditional farming techniques posed significant environmental risks to eastern Washington: carbon emissions and erosion. Columbia Pulp wanted to eliminate these risks and pioneered a way to reuse the waste to create new revenue streams, broaden the job market, and become the first tree-free pulp mill in the U.S.

Columbia Pulp came to AirClean for the design, supply and commissioning the complete power cycle skid used to operate the plant. Equipment includes a 7 MWe condensing extraction turbine generator coupled with a 1.4 MW natural-gas fired engine generator, a 28.5 MMBtu/hr surface condenser, a 100,000 PPH boiler as well as supporting pump and tank skids. The steam turbine also supplies steam to the pulping process.

The equipment will be delivered in total to the plant in Lyons Ferry, WA by the end of 2018. AirClean’s field service engineers will be commissioning the power cycle in the first quarter of 2019. It has been a rewarding experience to see our partnership spearhead a positive shift in environmentally-sound energy that will also help the economy in rural Washington.

Here’s what they have to say:


The plant is on-line operating our steam-based power plant, supplying pulp to local mills.

Nightlife at the pulp mill