Teaming up for Power Efficiency Program

AirClean Energy is proud to announce a partnership with ComEd to bring affordable Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Solutions to northern Illinois. ComEd is the largest provider of electric utility in Illinois and is launching the CHP Project to generate on-site power and thermal energy in local facilities. AirClean will provide solutions to capture waste heat from exhaust gases for use in space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, dehumidification and/or process heating.

We will operate as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) to conduct feasibility studies, which are incentivized for all CHP projects. For this purpose, ComEd offers feasibility study reimbursements ranging from $10,000 for less than 400 kW projects, and up to $25,000 for projects above 400 kW. The production incentive is $0.07 per eligible kWh, based on a 12-month measurement and verification period. Prepayments of $60 per kW are available one month after commissioning the system.

After completion of the feasibility study, AirClean will be able to design and build waste heat recovery systems tailored to the needs of the customer. The end result will help reduce operating costs and simultaneously increase energy productivity.

Our sales representatives at RMB Engineered Products are highly engaged in seeking out possible opportunities for you and your company in the northern Illinois region.

Contact us or our representatives to learn more about CHP solutions, eligible applicants and incentives.