Skid-mounted steam turbine and direct-coupled induction generator

How Much Is Wasted Steam Pressure Costing You?

If your facility is operating a steam boiler at a higher pressure than you need for your process, a steam turbine generator might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on your electric bill. AirClean’s Indy STG is a modular, easy to install unit that provides an effective means to letdown your steam pressure through the turbine to generate electricity.  This captured energy helps to power your facility and improve your overall efficiency.

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Is An AirClean Indy STG Right For You?

AirClean Indy STG’s are an excellent solution for small power generation opportunities, engineered for peak performance, long-life, and low-maintenance operation. These integrated units include a directly-coupled steam turbine, induction generator and turbine generator control system. Induction generators are ideal for facilities where the power produced by the generator is less than about one-third of a facility’s total load.

AirClean Indy STG solutions are customized for your facility. These skid-mounted units are easily installed and include control systems designed for intuitive operator interaction and use PLC-based monitoring systems for vibration, temperature and overspeed trips. Our expertly designed Indy STG’s typically pay for themselves within two to five years.

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Indy-RO Indy-FL
Power Generation Capacity: Up to 750 kWe Up to 1,250 kWe
Generator Voltages: 480 VAC / 4,160 VAC / 13,500 VAC 480 VAC / 4,160 VAC / 13,500 VAC
Steam Inlet Pressures: Up to 900 psig Up to 900 psig
Steam Inlet Temperature: Up to 900°F Up to 900°F
Footprint: 7’ x 12’ (typical) 7’ x 12’ (typical)
Weight: 12,500 lb (typical) 12,500 lb (typical)
Indy-RO Indy-FL
Turbine Lubrication Type: Ring-oiled / ISO VG 68 Force-lubricated / ISO VG 68
Turbine Bearing Cooling Water: 2 gpm / 100 psig (max) / 90°F (max) 2 gpm / 100 psig (max) / 90°F (max)
Generator Lubrication Type: Anti-friction grease Anti-friction grease
Throttle Control Air: 45 psig – 125 psig 45 psig – 125 psig
Control Panel Power: 120 VAC / 1 Ph / 60 Hz / 20 A 120 VAC / 1 Ph / 60 Hz / 20 A
Generator Power Factor: 0.85 at full load 0.85 at full load

Induction Steam Turbine Generators

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