Environmentally Responsible, Cost Efficient

A new era of innovation, industrialization and technology is driving unprecedented demand for energy worldwide. Traditional sources of energy are strained due to economic and environmental concerns. New power generation solutions are emerging to supply the demand for safe, dependable, and affordable energy. Waste-to-energy systems convert trash or biomass to burnable fuel, providing a fuel source which simultaneously reduces landfill volume and waste disposal costs.

In 2017 alone, AirClean Energy has started 10 steam turbine generators, making us the leader in industrial scale power generation solutions in North America. We work with industry leading manufacturers of steam turbines, gearboxes and generators to develop custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Our engineering expertise and diverse experience combined with dependable equipment have resulted in the development of waste-to-energy systems for a variety of industrial applications.

We deliver comprehensive power generation systems that are custom designed to meet specific needs and provide significant energy savings. Our highly qualified team has provided process engineering and equipment for power generation systems since 1999.

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