Modular Design for Easy Installation

AirClean supplies custom process skids designed to minimize footprint and install time. Our team can supply process engineering, design, fabrication and commissioning to give you the maximum value for your system. We will work with you to ensure the equipment supplied meets your specifications and is easy to operate and maintain.

Custom-Designed Skids Configured to Fit Your Facility

Your project will be managed and designed by engineers familiar with your equipment and its operation. Whether you need pumps for a chemical injection process or heat exchangers for a closed cooling water system, AirClean will design and build a custom solution that will meet your needs.

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps
  • Lube Oil Skids
  • Fans
  • Chemical Injection Skids

Efficient exchange of heat is crucial to any hot industrial system, whether you need add or reject heat. Heat exchangers come in many shapes and sizes, from shell-and-tube to plate-and-frame to spiral type and more. AirClean can help you select the right heat exchanger and package on a skid with any required fans, pumps, or instrumentation you may require.

Pumps are ubiquitous in industrial settings as they are required for nearly every process involving liquids.  Whether you require one pump, or three in lead/lag, AirClean can design your pump skid to make your installation smooth and straightforward. We will consult with you on the needs of the complete system and ensure that you have the performance and instrumentation you need today and for the next 20 years.

Lubricating oil systems provide essential lubrication and cooling to large rotating equipment, including compressors, steam and gas turbines, and fans. Without a properly designed lube oil system, bearings are more likely to fail, causing outages, equipment damage and even injury. In addition to lubrication and cooling, lube oil systems can be designed to provide control oil for hydraulically actuated valves and seal oil for pump seals. A proper design must consider the required heat reject, oil flow rate‚ pressure, and viscosity required by the equipment served.

AirClean’s fan skids are easy to install and designed to handle anything. With extensive experience in fan testing and installation, AirClean’s fan skids are made to meet all of your requirements. Fan skids can be designed to include heat exchangers, silencers, VFD’s, and more to give you the optimal, modular addition to your system.

For applications with precise requirements for concentration, pressure, and temperature, AirClean can supply chemical injection skids to meet your needs. Our skids are designed with chemical composition and staff safety in mind. This will give you a safe, effective and easy to install skid for your system.