Comprehensive Control in One Simple Package

Imagine steam turbine generator (STG) control, auto synchronizing, steam pressure control, temperature and pressure monitoring, and generator/intertie protection combined into a single fully-integrated cogeneration control system. STG control systems from AirClean Energy are designed to meet the needs of your system, whether that’s a simple PRV bypass operating in parallel with utility power or a black start for a complete industrial facility. We will give you the control which maximizes energy efficiency in an easy-to-use package.

STG control system features include:

  • Automatic controlled start with manual override
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing
  • Inlet or exhaust pressure control, with power output limiting
  • Electronic overspeed protection to backup mechanical protection on the turbine
  • Lube oil pump control, as required
  • Turbine generator monitoring including alarming, tripping and data display on the HMI

In addition to providing the industry’s best equipment, the AirClean Energy team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to develop a custom system that is designed to meet your specific control needs. Contact us to discuss your project!