Power Generation for Refuse Derived Fuel

From the Landfill to Energy Generation
The non-recyclable, combustible portion of landfill waste (or municipal solid waste – MSW) can be used as a fuel source for heating or power generation. There are a number of strategies for burning the fuel, including mass burns, gasification, pyrolization, anaerobic digestion and others. Taking advantage of these fuel sources can reduce the reliance upon fossil fuels while simultaneously reducing the need for additional landfill space and treatment facilities.

There are a number of strategies for processing the fuel prior to combustion, ranging from simple sorting to shredding to pelletizing. Frequently, more heavily processed MSW fuels are called “refuse derived fuel” or RDF. Processing the fuel improves combustion by making the heat and moisture content of the fuel more consistent. Shredding and pelletizing improve combustion efficiency by allowing the fuel to more quickly and evenly.

AirClean Energy Refuse Derived Fuel Solutions
AirClean Energy provides waste to energy power generation systems for municipal solid wastes and refuse derived fuels. Through the benefit of engineering expertise and decades of experience in heat transfer, multi-fuel combustion and gasification, we can deliver a solution tailored to the need of your application. We will perform an initial analysis of your fuel and process including a review of capital costs and operating cost reductions at no cost to you. We take great pride in delivering highly efficient and effective package solutions that address not only customer needs, but also contribute to global environmental responsibility.

If you would like more information or to discuss your application with us, please contact us. Some basic information we will need includes:

  • Project type: Incineration/mass burn, gasification, pyrolysis, other
  • Fuel contents: Pastics, biomass, organics/food waste, tire products, tree waste, oil, etc.
  • Fuel quantity: How many tons per day are you receiving/producing and how much would you like to use for waste to energy?
  • Sample Drawings

Waste to Energy Power Plant

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