Biomass Power Generation

Organic, Cost Efficient Energy

Biomass is becoming a more widely-used renewable source of energy, especially in industries in which a significant amount of plant waste is available. In many instances, excess biomass is disposed of at the cost of the producer. However, if the biomass burned in a boiler to generate steam, it changes the plant waste into an efficient, eco-friendly source of heat and electricity. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration statistics, biomass fuels provided about 5% of the primary energy used in the United States in 2016. More facilities are discovering the benefits of biomass power generation every day.

AirClean Energy Biomass Power Generation Solutions

AirClean Energy can help you take your waste wheat chaff, oat hulls, saw dust, or other biomass and turn it into low-cost, renewable electricity and steam. We can design your steam and power cycle from the ground up, selecting and supplying the boilers, deaerators, and our signature steam turbine generators to give your facility the leading edge in efficiency, profitability and green energy. Through the benefit of our extensive waste-to-energy experience, our knowledgeable team of engineers works to assess every project to develop a custom solution. We consider potential solutions factoring in capital costs, operating cost reductions, and return on investment to provide the most effective and efficient solution.