AirClean Energy is proud to announce a partnership with ComEd to bring affordable Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Solutions to northern Illinois. ComEd is the largest provider of electric utility in Illinois and is launching the CHP Project to generate on-site power and thermal energy in local facilities. AirClean will provide solutions to capture waste … Continued

The Columbia Pulp Story

Back in 2014, Columbia Pulp had a vision to change the Pacific Northwest wheat market. For decades traditional farming techniques posed significant environmental risks to eastern Washington: carbon emissions and erosion. Columbia Pulp wanted to eliminate these risks and pioneered a way to reuse the waste to create new revenue streams, broaden the job market, … Continued

AirClean Energy Launches New Website

AirClean Energy is proud to announce the launch of our newly expanded website, featuring a new look with enhanced product details, imagery and navigation. Visitors will easily find information pertaining to energy efficiency and power generation systems for the industrial energy market. The new site is mobile-friendly and easy to view on a desktop computer, … Continued