Making Power & Hands-on Learning Possible

The STG Training Skid

Books and lectures can plant the seed, but our field-service team will testify that the only way to learn the quirks of producing power is to troubleshoot it in person. Now, students enrolled in the Power Engineering Technology program at the College of the North Atlantic can do just that.

AirClean recently shipped a skid-mounted, steam-turbine-generator training platform, designed to give students hands-on experience, to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. The skid is fully operable and will be integrated into a new steam cycle, which will be commissioned later this year. The system can run either in-parallel to the grid or in island mode. Once fired up, the output can be closely monitored and adjusted. The end goal is to learn the essentials, diagnose problems, and apply solutions to ensure a smoothly-operating power cycle.

Major equipment includes:

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