Putting Excess Steam to Work

An Indy Series Steam Turbine Generator is an efficient and cost-effective way to capitalize on wasted steam pressure. It’s also an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the industrial production process.

During the summer of 2016, Hancock Lumber contacted AirClean to perform an engineering study and financial analysis of the benefits of a backpressure steam turbine at their facility in Bethel, Maine. The STG would be driven by high-pressure steam from the mill’s wood-fired boiler, which would help generate electricity, while supplying low-pressure steam to the kilns and sawmill. This combination would increase mill thermal efficiency. Mechanical and electrical installation was completed in fall 2017.

Finished Project

Features equipment includes:

  • 500 kW Indy Series Steam Turbine Generator
  • NEMA 12 Control System with Human Machine Interface panel
  • 480V circuit breaker with protective relay
  • Building mezzanine design, supply and installation

Efficiency Maine sponsored the engineering study as part of their industrial energy efficiency incentive program, offering a rebate of 50% of the project’s capital cost. Estimated annual energy savings are 2,330,000 kWh/year, or 30% of the mill load.

“It’s amazing to me how simple the technology is, which allows us to convert high pressure steam from our biomass boiler into valuable electricity to help run our mills,” Sawmill Division COO, Kevin Hynes, said. “It is all amazing and very exciting.”

A full customer review can be found here.

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