Steam Turbine Control System Retrofit

Sir Charles Parsons built the first modern steam turbine generator in 1884. Since then, steam turbine generators have provided reliable, cost-effective power throughout the world. Faced with aging fleets of equipment and higher demands for efficiency, today’s customers are trying to figure out how to do more with less. At AirClean Energy, we help our customers solve this enigma – one such customer is the Amalgamated Sugar Company.

Their facility in Paul, Idaho is equipped with a 3.0 MW General Electric multi-valve steam turbine generator, built circa 1950. Amalgamated Sugar approached AirClean to design, build and install a new electronic governor and supply a matching control system to replace the OEM mechanical governor.

Old System
New Electronic Governor

Major Equipment Includes:

  • Electro-pneumatic actuator with positioner
  • Custom actuator bracket and control arm
  • Custom electronic speed monitoring assembly
  • Electronic overspeed protection device
  • Electronic PLC-based control system

The new governor is integrated into part of the existing hydraulic control system to minimize installation time and simplify removal for maintenance. The updated PLC-based control system was assembled on a pre-manufactured backplane and installed in an existing control cabinet, providing seamless integration with the facility’s existing power management system. The new governor and control components provide smooth startup, operation and precision power control throughout the entirety of the turbine’s operating range.

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